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Maternity Shoot Out

Friday 25th February
(introductory price)
The first Belly Baby Wear shoot out in New Zealand!
Only 4 spots left

Are you ready to get back out there and be creative? 

Maternity SHOOT OUTS are designed to get like-minded photographers together. Let's get your creative juices working as well as learning some poses and lighting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Shoot outs are NOT WORKSHOPS, They are "gatherings" our educators will be there as host and provide assistance. 


Date - Friday 25th February

Where - Cave Rock Sumner Christchurch

Introductory Price - $75

Our shoot out will be lead by photographer's Annmarie Payne from Annmurry Photography and Ann Worthy Stephenson from PhotoWorthy Images.

Bring your camera along to get some beautiful images.

We will meet at 4:30pm
The shoot out will run for around 2 hours from 6:30pm.

Three maternity models will be available, hopefully one with partner to show partner posing.

2 outfits each

Limited to 9 photographers and will be in groups of 3

After models have left and we still have some light we can discuss anything about the shoot out or if you want to purchase any belly baby wear items I have in stock on night or on a special pre-order.

If you have a question to ask whilst out on our sessions, make sure you speak up to ask. Annmarie and Ann are there to help in any capacity. 

If weather is bad we will postpone till the next night, if that is bad too we will find another date, if it doesn't suit them we can put credit towards a future shoot out.

In the case of Covid restrictions at that time, the date will be moved and everyone will be notified of the alternative date. If the new date doesn’t suit you, you can put your credit towards a future event when it suits. 

In orange or red traffic light system you will need to be double vaxxed.

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